A battle in Westminster Maryland

While driving around Westminster, Maryland, something caught my eye. I saw a horse and then some white V tents. Instantly I knew that it was that time of year again - Reenactments for the Civil War. They spring up throughout this area of MD and PA in the spring and summer. So I drove over to get a closer look. I had my new lens with me and was looking for anything to use it on. I was hoping the rain that had been off and on all day would stay away for a while. 

The good thing is the rain did stay away and I think I got some good shots.

College Sports and New Camera

Nikon D500 and sports - lets just say they are married, at 10 shots every seconds. I just got a few months ago and have done some landscapes and portraits, but that's not what this amazing machine is made for. So I found a game a few weeks ago and went and took some shots. 

The great thing about small-college-town... is just that - small. I got front row seat and could move around as I pleased. Began with some top row setting shots and then moved down to first row. During the players' warm up time, I worked on my settings. Upped the ISO and picked my lens, Check out the pics and let me know your thoughts.

Out of New York Photography Conference

I made it to NYC in one piece. I took Amtrak from Harrisburg to New York. I am staying at a hotel that's actually more like a hostel but only for veterans and their family members. Tomorrow the conference begins and I begin at 9am and the last photo walk is of Grand Central Station which begins at 7:30p.

Hello Beautiful

Product Photos

My mom began making jewelry a little over a month ago. Well as a dutiful daughter, I took the the photos today and they came out fairly good. Check them out under commercial.


Christmas was nice. I got the GoPro Hero+ LCD. I'll link a few videos here soon. Learning to edit and do more within the GoPro editing software.

Podcast Addict

So if anyone drives to work and listens to talk radio - you HAVE to check out the Improve Photography Podcasts. There a few that are run by Jim Harmer, but to date, my favorite has to be Thoughts on Photography. It is totally unique and there's nothing like it. Check out:  http://www.thoughtsonphotography.com and http://improvephotography.com/podcasts/ for the details.


Thanks for reading and please comment.

Frederick Photowalk

Went out with a group from RoadRunner Photography Tours to Frederick, MD for a walk around town and photo taking.