My name is Michelle Nolan and I live in south central Pennsylvania. I was born in Indianapolis, IN and have lived in quite a few locations to include Texas and California. I served 4 years in the Air Force active duty and then a few more in the reserves. I attended college in Dallas, TX and received a bachelors in psychology. Since that time, I've worked in the field of juvenile justice. I use photography as a way to escape the stress of the day to day routine. 


I believe photography is a combination of creativity and skill. I enjoy spending time shooting landscapes. The act of planning out the details of the shoot, getting up early to catch the key time of light, hiking in the dark to be sure I have the perfect point of view, carrying the equipment I need as well as some I purely want .


Other genres included in my passion are street photography, portraits, wedding, and sports. Take a look around my site and I look forward to getting touch with you.


Where you can find me:

Non-Photography Passions

There's more to me than a camera. This a link to one adventure... well, let's qualify that - a Guiness World Record Adventure.